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Two paintings included in a special 80 years jubilee of Dalsland Konstförbund and Konstförening groups at Rackstad Museet.image

Hallristningar Gran

Energy Group 12


Beginning to paint again after the summer months. I was really happy how this one turned out, trying to keep the images much simpler and strong. Pendulum 13, a dyptich 41x66x2.5cm. I haven,t quite found a way to photograph them really well, as the wax is about 1cm thick so has a very 3D quality. The light also bounces back through all the layers and the pigment is fluorescent. I like the edges to be a little rough to contrast with the very polished surface that is the result of many many layers of painted and poured wax.

Pendulum 13

Selling a few paintings through Saatchi Art.

helen dooley Kepler 2  oscillations 3 Drawings11


 Some of my paintings feature in Julys Elle Decoration, Sverige.

Helen dooley Elle Deco, july 2015


At Hera Galleri, Stockholm.

Helen dooley Hera Galleri May 2015







A new favourite painting, a diptych featured in this collection for Saatchi Online. Difficult to tell from a photograph but the beeswax is deeper and thicker with the pure cobalt and ultramarine blue pigment shining through.

pendulum 12

pendulum 12 detail


Hard to accurately work with so few hours daylight and on really grey days its impossible, I use lots of fluorscents in the winter as its so monochrome outside. I am working towards a show I have in May at Hera Galleri, more info here.

Some new paintings.

Pendulum 9


Three paintings hanging in Steneby Konsthall this summer.

helen dooley,2014 steneby

Solarization May      Solarization June

I have been experimenting with the suns heat , using magnifying lenses to concentrate on to the surface of  painting , they are a little diary of a weeks weather in may and june. Coloured wax is underneath the thick block so it gets realised when heated. I like how the three paintings work together, linear and cyclid time together made using the earths rotation.


Painting sold through Saatchi Art.

2013-05-06 at 10-18-48


My paintings are in a show with Michael Reinhardt at Hera Galleri, Stockholm from Saturday.

Vernissagemall.M.R H. D

Two paintings in exhibition at Not Quite called 20 :14. Info here.


Circadian 3 (1)     Circadian 5


Yves Klein colour collection on Saatchi Art ,one of my paintings featured.

Circadian 1


Lots of paintings sent to Hera Galleri in Stockholm.

2014-03-06 at 10-52-29

2014-03-06 at 10-58-02 2014-03-06 at 11-03-06



A new ‘Circadian’ painting featured in this weeks Saatchi Art collection.

Circadian 3 (1)

 plus I entered this painting for Saatchis showdown competition on colour and am pleased to be through to the next round.

helen dooley


Featured in new Saatchi online collection, here.

                                     Circadian 1    Circadian 1 detail


A small painting sold through Saatchi online and a new larger painting  in an abstract collection

.Hallristningar 7


A new calmer painting included in the great art blog Slow art day.

helen dooley

Crazy cosmic painting included in this weeks Saatchi online collection here.

2013-04-15 at 16-50-21


Galleri hera ,my gallery in Stockholm let me know that they have sold nearly all of my paintings, about 20. Whats really great though is that some have gone to public government  collections in different areas in Sweden, Stockholms län landsting and Sörmlands landsting and so are on public display.

DSC_4228 DSC_0083 DSC_3883_981


I collected some beautiful beeswax from Dalsland Honung last week , its about 20 kilos and will hopefully make many paintings ,in the meantime  its making my room smell of summer.

      DSC_0016          DSC_0019
A painting featured on this weeks collections on saatchi online here.

Oscillations 14 helen dooley

A very pink painting sold through Saatchi.


More news from ‘Not Quite’ this time on tv from Svt .Some of my paintings feature, briefly.

20131114-062936.jpg  space travel 4

Interesting article on ‘Sun mirrors’ in a sunless Norwegian town here. Half science ,half art.

Great article on Not Quite ,an art collective that I belong to here.

I look at this art blog quite often so it was a nice surprise to see one of drawings on it, thank you.

Two paintings choosen for finalist in Artslant Showcase.


Circles painting entered for a competition that came through Saatchi online.
helen dooley


Great to have another painting selected for a collection on Saatchi online,here.


This pink painting featured on Saatchi online for the week of the 6th Sept.
under $500 collection.

2013-05-06 at 10-14-22


Three pink paintings featured in Artfinders Colour themed selection.Pretty in pink.

One of my favourite drawings sold through Saatchi online.

drawings 2012 3


One of my paintings has been selected for an Artslant showcase finalist , you can see my profile here .

A little drawing was selected by Saatchi online ‘Small’ collection,take a look here

2011-11-05 at 14-42-42


Four of my paintings in Steneby Konsthall this summer. One of which has been bought by Värmlands regional artbuyer for their public government collection, värmlands landsting.

helen dooley Steneby konsthall


A nice feature in for four little ‘Ring’ paintings.


Oscillations 10 painting included in a  collection by guest curator Jaime Derringer of Design Milk for Saatchi online.See here


More little drawings featured by Saatchi online for week June 17th here.


Featured Art of the day on Artfinder for 10 th June. art of the day.

Three drawings sold through Saatchi online.

2013-02-27 at 18-01-16 2013-02-27 at 18-02-27 2013-02-27 at 18-02-15

Two of my small drawings choosen by Saatchi online for week 2nd June here.

A fine number of Dooleys in this selection at Artfinder fot week June 2nd here ,in very good company with my sister in law Sandy Dooley

MAY -Painting featured on Artfinder site, here


A selection of paintings showing in sunny Stockholm 25th May- 19th Hera Galleri.



A painting selected for Saatchi online collection this week.

2013-02-27 at 18-01-16
saatchi collection week 20th May


March 2013 Latest paintings and drawings for sale on Saatchi online.

Plus a drawing selected by Saatchi online curator for week 18th March 2013.

See full selection here.


Feb 2013 Fantastic Hilma av Klint exhibition opens 16th Feb at Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. Not only did she get to abstraction before Kandinsky,forbid the paintings and drawings to be shown until 20 years after her death, but they are big brave paintings,some 2 x 3m in size.

Video in Swedish here

Info for Modern Art Museum



Info here


Jan 2013 -View of Galleri Hera ‘Midwinter’ exhibition.December 2012.


November -‘Midwinter exhibition’ at Hera Galleri in Stockholm November 24th.
There are around 20 paintings of mine at Galleri Hera,you can view them here

Paintings Showing at Galleri Hera,Stockholm.


July-Some pics from an exhibtion at Trans-form galleri thats on until 27th July 2012 , a really nice gallery in Fengerfors Bruk.


Exhibition of my paintings from 2009, ‘Miljö’ which translates as both surroundings and enviromental ,landscapes

in Dalsland with the subjects mainly wood and paper.


“Konstvandring in Dalsland,Sweden.’
Large selection of artists studios including mine open over long weekend of 17 – 20th may.
Info here –

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