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We are regulated by the Earths rotation, our circadian cycle has evolved to  fit approximately in with this 24 hour motion. We are recalibrated daily by exposure to the suns light and shadow. The external cues that synchronize our time clock to our planets tweny-four hour and twelve month cycle has the great name ‘Zeitgebers’, (literally time giver.)

Small changes in this exposure, from the light intensity, length and type of light have a profound effect on our phyisology. 

I moved from the UK to Sweden ten years ago, a small distance geographically, but still I have experienced first hand how I changed, fought to adapt. How does this effect people who come from further afield?

I have been experimenting with pinhole cameras and long six month exposure photographs to try and visualise this motion and the extremes of it here at 58 degrees north.



Solarization Midsommar 2015. Pinhole and digital C-type print.


Solarization 5 2014, Pinhole and digital C-type print.


Solarization Autumn Equinox 2014, Pinhole and digital C-type print.


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Feb 2, 2017 | news

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