Artists Statement

The motion of the Earth through time and space mark the patterns and rhythms of time. Its cyclical repetitions are observed from ones particular position on the planet. Where ever or whoever you are you are the pivot of that motion.

Using the suns passage through the extreme shifts of the year, the actual heat of the sun or the visual translation of scientific experiments and observations that prove the Earth’s rotation. I construct my encaustic paintings by collecting pure beeswax, some natural pigments and wood ash from the Swedish forest to give a deep connection to the place I am lucky enough to call home.


Care of encaustic paintings

The oldest known paintings are from ancient Greece and are encaustic, made of  beeswax and pigment on wood. Encaustic paintings are particularly good at surviving the elements, especially water, however please be aware not to place next to a very hot direct heat sources, beeswax will begin to soften at 64 c /110f degrees.

The many layers in the painting reflext the light and give a deep  luminance. They can be polished with a clean dry cloth if dusty which will also improve there shine and lustre.

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